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SAW-297 Sarah Alice Wadas

Wyoming Sun Fire Grizzly Original Painting

Wyoming Sun Fire Grizzly Original Painting

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Wyoming Sun Fire Grizzly

Original Acrylic Painting

Artist: Sarah Alice Art


Original Acrylic  Painting

Circle with grizzly bear

Standing in water, over red sun

Pink mountains in background

Framed piece: 20" x 25.5" x 1.5"

Unframed piece is 18" x 24"


From the artist:

Sun Fire Bear Inspiration:

This composition was inspired by a hunting trip from a couple of years ago in the Bridger-Tetons.

During the trip, a female Grizzly Bear could be found about 100 yards away from one of the road ways eating a moose carcass over a 3 day period. It was fascinating to watch her habits and reactions from the safety of my vehicle.

Most of my art is inspired by the nature and rugged wilderness in Wyoming, and this piece was created to evoke the feelings of freedom and of beauty that wild animals have in their natural habitats. 



Laramie Chamber Spring 2022 Exhibition



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