Collection: Julia Fox: Paper Art

Paper Art and Collage

Julia Fox was born in Detroit, Michigan. After high school, she spent four years in the U.S. Army as a Chinese linguist. She attended Dartmouth College and earned a B.A. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, after which she worked for several years in research laboratories. During this time, an interest in art took hold and she began to make pictures of cut and pasted paper in her spare time. After moving to Laramie, her decision to pursue an art degree at the University of Wyoming enabled her to extend work with paper to new processes including metal smithing and printmaking. During her time here, she has been fortunate for the rich experiences of travel to India and a residency at the home of Neltje. She received her BFA in 2021.

Artist Statement

My educational background in molecular biology prepared me for work in the research laboratory, yet I have become increasingly involved in making artwork over the last decade or so. I began by using cut paper to create decorative pictures, especially images that were inspired by various folk-art paper-cutting traditions. I enjoyed building up layers of intricately cut paper as a way of exploring relationships between color and form. For me, the appeal of making ornamental art is connected to nostalgia relating to my childhood activities and memories. Later when I discovered the enchanting paper collages made by Matisse in his late years, I felt compelled to go beyond producing conventional decorative images and began to consider more natural and abstract forms.

The work of artists Kandinsky and Klee also influenced this direction towards abstraction because of its ability to convey ineffable emotions and life’s mystery through color and form. I am also drawn to fables and folk tales which often illustrate the interaction between spiritual entities or animals and the endeavors of man.

My decision to pursue a BFA degree at the University of Wyoming has enabled me to extend my work with collage to new processes including metal smithing, enameling and printmaking, and to focus on finding a personal and unique way of communicating.