Collection: David Allen Miller: Fine Furniture

Fine Furniture & Woodworking

David Miller is a woodworker and furniture maker. He creates one of a kind pieces with a focus on creating beautiful, functional pieces with clean lines. 

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Cheyenne, attended the University of Wyoming and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and left the State, never to return.  Well, that didn’t work out!  After more than four decades, I made the mistake of coming back for a visit.  Soon after that, my wife and I relocated to Laramie and haven’t looked back!

Since then we’ve toured a lot of this amazing State (something I never did when growing up, of course) and have witnessed the truly amazing landscapes, people, and places Wyoming offers up every single day. I’ve lived in many places and worked throughout the world picking up ideas, observing craftspeople, and learning the limitless applications of beautiful wood in everyday life, and even special occasion living. 

Some pieces take only hours to make, and others months, but each is always unique.  One piece of wood is unlike any other piece of wood anywhere on this earth. Always learning, my methods of building are different than any other woodworker, my finishes are not like any other woodworker, and my designs are not found anywhere else. 

That’s why I build.