Collection: Tamara Rodgers: Ceramic Artist


 Tamara creates Functional and Decorative pottery for your home.

Choose from several unique designs, abstract, t-rex, bees, day of the dead, bison and more to choose from!

Artist Statement:

I am interested in pottery that is both utilitarian, thought provoking, and inspired by nature.

A range of designs and themes are seen throughout my work, however, some elements remain the same: nature and Wyoming. I see my pottery as a celebration of myself and life experience as an artist and Wyoming resident.

Wyoming is reflected in my artwork through its history of rodeo, ranching, fossils, and open spaces. Wyoming’s fluidity between all of the aforementioned elements are reflected in my artwork.

Using texture, graphics, and functionality I make pieces that
reflect on Wyoming’s history, resources, and community.

Artist Bio

Tamara Rodgers is an award-winning photographer based in Cheyenne, WY where she recently expanded into underwater photography. She enjoys discovering the possibilities of merging her other passion – ceramics - with photography.

She graduated from the BFA program at the University of Wyoming summa cum laude in the spring of 2020.

As owner of Silver Sage Ceramics she hopes to share the joy of working with clay to the community.