Collection: Maren Kallas: Paintings on Architectural Salvage and Astrological Art Prints

Artist Statement                                                                                                                         

I paint on the remains of earlier times.  These relics still have a resonance and I further imbue each one with a painted landscape, image, or mood.  Adherence to a metal or glass surface requires that I use enamel-based paints.

 I create each landscape on-location in plein air style.  I am channeling the landscape, rather than rendering it.  Each painting is like a visual time-stamp of the space in which it was created.  I do not further adjust it back in the studio, for when the light is gone, the work is done.

 I also work with inspirations from the feminine and the esoteric:  Botanical studies, mystical imagery, and color harmonies.



Maren Kallas