Collection: Paul Taylor: Community Mural Art

Artistic Director 

Laramie High School Mural Project 


Paul is an Australian nationally touring Artist in Education. Since 2000 Paul has directed and designed over 80 community murals. Paul’s murals celebrate each community, their land and their story. They are principally inspired by the Aboriginal Law of​ "Caring for Country". For WOW, Paul showcases 4 beautiful community murals from the Laramie High School Project that celebrate Laramie’s unique “Water Story”. 


He has worked closely with the Laramie High School and community to bring them together for the Community Mural Projects.

Beginning. in 2018 with the Rainbow Snake to the current one, these magnificent canvases are approximate 3" x 8" and hang in the Laramie High School.

Greeting cards, three sizes of unframed and framed prints are available at Works of Wyoming.



Paul Taylor, Community Mural of Wyoming's Casper Aquifer. Framed and unframed prints and cards available