Collection: Ginnie Madsen: Relief Printmaking

Ginnie Madsen is a Relief Print who creates highly limited edition prints. 

Watch this short video of Ginnie creating one of her prints: Click Here: Linoleum Block Relief Print

 Artist Statement

I grew up in Chicago but have lived in Laramie for about 45 years. I earned a BFA from the University of Chicago and taught elementary school art in the Chicago area for several years. I eventually settled in Laramie. I received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wyoming. I then taught drawing, sculpture, and printmaking classes at the University of Wyoming for ten years. I am now retired. I received a Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship in 2007. The work here represents my interest in working with fabrics as a way to explore design and also using fabric as a sculptural material.

Most of my imagery starts with first-hand observations of the world around me. The relief prints I make are created by carving into a linoleum plate to create shapes and texture areas and result in a simplified or abstract image.  Each color is created by carving and printing additional layers. I use a printing process that results in a limited, hand-printed edition, usually between 8 and 12 prints. My watercolors are painted on site (Plein Aire), usually in places close to Laramie, often in the Snowy Range.  Working out of doors, I work quickly and usually simplify my direct observations, which change, sometimes quickly, with light and weather.