Collection: Michael McMahon: Metal and Wood Artist

Michael McMahon

Metal and Wood Artist creating from woodburned coasters and plaques to metal worked hat hangers, coat racks and decorative wall art.

I enjoy working in a variety of fields, and with a variety of materials, including
wood, metal, plastic (3D printing), ceramic/glass, epoxy resin, paint, etc. Most of my
artwork is utilitarian, combining form and function to create useful and unique products.
I strive to reclaim, restore and repurpose materials when I can, finding ways to give old
waste new use. Examples of this are barbed wire and tin can lids used to make metal
roses, crushed glass bottles used as glaze on ceramics, or reclaimed barn wood,
fencing, and pallets for woodwork.

My works of art are a mix between simple and refined,
with design elements that are both aesthetic and rugged, modern and western. Many
processes I use in the production of my artwork are a combination of machined and
manual labor. I often CNC cut out metal stencils and use them to burn images onto
wood, or machine cut metal and hand finish the pieces.

I provide an artisan final touch
on finishing metal pieces, with various natural coloring techniques such as grinding to
polish then using a torch to heat color the metal, turning it shades of blue, purple, and
gold; I also sandblast, polish, heat and spray with a rusting compound to color the metal
with natural patinas of gold, orange, and brown. I like to experiment and create a wide
variety of products using various materials and techniques.

Hi, I'm Mic McMahon.
I have experience in construction as a carpenter, computer work as a draftsman for
houses and for product concepts at a metal fabrication shop, instructing a computer
aided design course at Sheridan College, managing a farm at Sheridan College, and
operating a CNC plasma table at a metal fab shop.

I’ve taken a variety of college
courses and have six Associates Degrees in General Technology/ Machine Tool
Technology/ Business AA and AS/ Agriculture Science/ Ag Business. Some of my
favorite electives that I’ve taken almost every year include ceramics, ornamental
ironwork, creative welding, and machining lab.

I have won a couple competitions for
business startups at Startup Weekend in Sheridan and Gillette, and won Skills USA in
CNC machining, and Additive Manufacturing (3D printing).

I have gone to many
conventions and presentations, such as ENDOW, ENGAGE Wyo, Wyoming Business
Council Meeting, Wyoming Inventors Conference, Wyoming Tech Business Center,
Phorge, makerspaces, etc.

I have plans as an entrepreneur to start up my own company,
producing a variety of unique and useful products.

I am proud to live and work in Wyoming. I was born and raised here, and have learned a
lot during my time in school, working with and for a variety of people, and networking
with other artists, makers, and entrepreneurs.

We are fortunate to have such an open,
supportive and encouraging community, where it feels like we are cooperating with,
instead of competing against, each other.

I look forward to continuing my journey as an
artist and entrepreneur in Wyoming.