Collection: Favian Hernandez: Sculptures and T-Shirts



Favian Hernandez creates an animal world from paper. His primary medium most of his life has been pen and paper. He has moved on to paper Mache to realize his creations. This process was ignited by memories of making piñatas with his mother as a child.

Artist Statement

My ongoing collection is called Reverence.

It focuses on threatened and endangered animals from around the world. 

Their kingdoms are failing around them through no fault of their own, but nature moves forward. 

Scenes from medieval sculptures and reliquaries inspired me to conceive this moment involving these creatures.

I wanted to evoke whimsy and awe while highlighting how these animals are losing their place in nature. Each animal is accompanied by other life from its region, some also vulnerable and some not at all.

The pieces are not meant to be dark but more of a call to respect what we still have in front of us.