Kimberly Pezeshki – Works of Wyoming

Kimberly Pezeshki

Kimberly Pezehki specializes in black-and-white photography of wildlife and nature scenes. Her style is unique in her use of white space to create a sense of focus on a subject. 

Artist Statement

My work started with Print Competitions. In the beginning, I could only enter 16x20 prints. However, many of my images were long and skinny and didn’t fit a 16x20 so I had to leave extra space on my finished images. Many of my first merits for my degree were wildlife from around my wonderful State of Wyoming. In 2017 I decided to spotlight many of the animals that I grew up seeing in a black-and-white style that I seem to be drawn to that isn’t seen very often.

I begin with a color photograph that I have a vision for. I then take that image into my creative workspace. There I create a simplistic image devoid of representational content. I create the illusion of spatial depth in my art.  I call it Minimalism Fine Art Photography.