Collection: Shari Wolf: Glass and Copper

Shari Wolf - Fused glass, resin and tooled copper artist

Shari Wolf

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always that I wanted to be an artist.
Though I ended up working in early childhood development for over 30 years, I kept my passion and
practice for creating art alive, engaging with drawing, watercolor painting, and copper and aluminum
repousse, and participating in various workshops to hone my skills. I fell in love with working with metals
and the freedom it gave me to merge realism with abstract. Recently, I began working with fused glass
and alcohol inks and have started combining them with some of my metal work. The psychedelic art of
the 1970s influences some of my more abstract pieces. I take a lot of inspiration from nature as well. My
love of aspen trees, flowers, and butterflies is evident in many of my creations.



                                   Shari flame paintings copper