Collection: Celeste Havener: Oil Paintings and Sculptures

Celeste Havener Artist: Oil, Watercolors, Inks and wire sculptures

Illustration & Sculpture

Celeste Havener creates art from a variety of media. Her work includes wildlife drawings, wire sculptures and landscape paintings. 

Celeste grew up drawing horses on any surface she could find. While she continued to draw she didn’t start oil painting until her 50’s.  She is self taught and is influenced by artists such as Birger Sandzen and McEneny

Artist Statement

Painting is my therapist.  Centennial Valley, where I make my home, is the inspiration for much of my work. The animals and the landscape provide constant sources of images daring to be captured.  As I child I enjoyed drawing, the brightest crayons in my Prang box of crayons were always worn to stubs first. As to those wire animals, well, I have Bella and Obi to thank for those.  My two BLM horses are opportunistic feeders, my two Arabs are princesses.  This has dictated that I become a cafeteria monitor in the mornings to make sure the mustangs don’t chow everyone’s food.  While I waited, I began twisting the baling wire into balls for easy disposal, then the balls became animals.  The barn filled with pronghorn and horses Now my repertoire had expanded to include bison and moose and to various types of wire.