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Bill Becker- Leather Artist

Bill and Julie Becker in the leather studio

Father- Daughter team

Bill Becker

Snowy Range Leather

As a young boy in 4-H, Bill learned leather craft. He kept up with it through the years, but wasn't able to spend much time doing it until he retired from working. The interest was rekindled and be began teaching the craft to his daughter, Julie.

Together, they created Snowy Rance Leather in the Spring of 2016.

Our products are hand-made using the highest-quality leather and materials that can be found, hand-tooled in Western and Sheridan Style and crafted to last for years. Products range from bi-fold and tri-fold wallets, notebooks, clutch purses to wine carriers and knitting bags. Each product is unique,m and many can be customized.

Located in the high-plains of Laramie, Wyoming, we offer products with a western flavor as functional items, gifts and souvenirs.


Bill Becker of Snowy Range Leather, creates detailed leather pieces, decorative and functional.



Functional, leather art includes, wallets, clutches, pistol cases, journal covers and so much more!

Bill and Julie Becker, working in the leather shop

Father and Daughter team collaborating in the leather workshop.