Collection: Tina Fagan: Crystals and Resin Art

Artist Statement:

My specialty is Wyoming Steamboat branded and nature-inspired resin and fluid art
in the form of functional home décor such as serving trays, lazy susans,
charcuterie/cutting boards, bears, coasters, memorials, geode art and more. I
believe art should be all around us – used in everyday ways, not reserved solely for
display on walls and pedestals, so I strive to make almost all of my art functional in
some way.

My home studio in NW Wyoming is my “mad science lab” where I get messy and
colorful working hands-on with combined materials like epoxy resin, paint, ink,
vinyl, glitter, wood, antlers and crystals. My talented husband makes many of my
cutting boards and our two standard poodles motivate me to work hard to give
them better lives.

I find creative inspiration everywhere but especially in my own
state of Wyoming where dramatic scenery and wildlife is abundant but also from
more tropical locations like Hawaii. I can never get enough Aloha.

Art has always been part of my life and being creative is my avenue for true self-
expression regardless of the medium. Not only do I thrill in creating original resin
and fluid art but also in seeing people’s reactions to my final pieces. If you happen to
catch me at an art show or other event, I’m happy to discuss techniques and explain
my various processes. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and watching others bloom

Artist Bio:

Tina (Faxon) Fagan is a Wyoming native currently working as a resin artist near
Yellowstone. Driven to be an artist since a young age, she attended Northwest
College in Powell to earn degrees in both Graphic Design and Graphic Art and went
directly into professional web design and graphic design upon graduation. She
worked in those fields for a large telecommunications company and in a freelance
and contractor capacity for 22 years. The desire to work hands-on, creating art
instead of sitting in front of monitors all day, finally became a reality in 2019, right
before Covid.

Animals, nature and family have been her three biggest inspirations, growing up in
NE Wyoming, always with dogs and having a very creatively inclined family in WY
and TN who encouraged her every step of the way, and still do today. She lives with
her husband, Pudge, who hobbies in woodworking and they enjoy making projects
together. Staying home with her standard poodles has always been a major perk of
having a home studio and office and flexibility of the work allows time for an annual
girl’s trip to the beach.

The natural flow of liquid art materials such as epoxy resin art is relatively new as
an abstract art form. There doesn’t seem to be a definite term for artists using this
medium yet but the titles that seem to be coming out on top are resin artist, flow
artist and fluid artist. Although Tina uses various methods such as acrylic pouring
and alcohol inks, resin work is her go-to method. The versatility of these mediums
provides her with endless opportunities for expression and it really is where her
creative heart belongs.