Collection: Claire Pearson: Botanical Sculptures, Hand Woven Scarves

Claire Pearson is an eclectic fiber artist that hails from the high desert of Northern Arizona. Pearson draws her inspiration from the natural world and the technicolor dream scape of the subconscious. Organic texture and vibrant colorscapes are prevalent across her artwork. Much of her art is a return to youthful joy, a portal to the past (and future) through sacred play. A self-taught maker, Pearson uses a variety of fiber art and bead weaving techniques in her work. She praises crochet as being the backbone of her soft sculptures, an often overlooked craft that creates structure and form like no other. Pearson uses a blend of recognizable, somewhat nostalgic, fiber arts and energetic color to create a whimsy that delights the inner child. Soft sculptures of cacti, flowers, and other plants dominate Pearson’s artistic landscape. These pieces capture moments of bloom, of growth, of fun, preserved into pieces that are impervious to wilt. They are gleeful exaltation's defiant to the march of time. Other works are more functional, including handwoven fabrics riddled with color and texture or adornments that shine and flutter with the wearer’s own movement. Presently, Pearson’s artist mission is to make joy, translate texture, and enjoy the small rituals of creation.