Collection: Diane Watson: Oil Artist

Diane is a painter who works in oil paint. Her landscapes capture the natural beauty of Wyoming, focused on vistas from "back country" areas hidden away from the rest of the world. 

Artist Statement

Hi! My name is Diane Watson and this message comes to you from beyond the sidewalks.

Centennial, Wyoming is way beyond most sidewalks but is a medley of stormy skies, mountain vistas, grazing cattle, snowy runoffs, ranchers, retired folks, merchants, recreationalists, and aging hippies. I’ve dabbled in drawing since I was knee-high but then life happened. And it’s been a great ride! Though I’m now what is referred to as a septuagenarian, there’s still a lot to do! Here in the Snowies---at an elevation of 8,000
feet--- winters are long and frequently “aggressive.” A person simply can’t cuddle up by a roaring fire and read books for more than a month… or two.

Oil painting has been a revival for me, a reward and sometimes a retreat. Surrounded by the most compelling horizons, turbulent skies and other-worldly light that Rocky Mountain West has to offer, I walk, drive back roads, make sketches, take photos and paint.

I’m largely self-taught so what’s been captured in my mind is what I endeavor to spread across a canvas. I’d love to share a snapshot of this world beyond and hope that you will find a memory to take home with you.

I’d be pleased if I could make that happen for you!