Collection: Erin Abraham: Fiber Artist


My name is Erin Abraham and I am a fiber artist who uses the landscapes of Wyoming as inspiration. 

 My fiber art takes various forms, from handwoven tapestries to micro-macrame jewelry, all incorporating elements of our natural environment as inspiration.  

Tapestry weaving is especially important to me because it provides so many possibilities for artist and client.  

My landscape tapestries are so much more than mere representations. Indeed, these weavings can serve as visual and textual reminders of a special memory. 

 Similarly, my abstract tapestries, which are likewise inspired by the colors and textures of the environment, can be reminders of a special time. 

 My jewelry too brings in colors and textures from the natural environment. In creating my pieces, I use natural stones and durable cords in earth tones to create unique pieces that I think of as art for the body. In creating these pieces, I do feel closer to my maternal ancestors, as if I am participating in a long line of artistic endeavors.  

I also feel a connection to the people who chose to make my art their own. It is these connections that I think make my art valuable Erin Abraham is a fiber artist who lives in Laramie, WY with her husband Michael and their dogs: Loki, Odin, and Thor. 


After earning her PhD in medieval and early modern history, she taught for over a decade at the University of Wyoming before switching gears to focus on her art. 

My art is unique in a few ways. 

First, I never use a pattern when I am creating a new piece, and second, I never replicate any of my pieces, whether tapestries or jewelry.  

Each piece I create is one-of-a-kind. Finally, my art is also unique in the ways it incorporates colors, forms, and textures into coherent pieces.  

For example, in a landscape weaving, I may use a combination of fibers, such as yarn and silk fabric, to create a sense of movement in water that invites the touch of a hand.