Collection: Sadie Winter Studio: Wildflower Pottery

Sadie Winter Studio

Sadie creates beautiful, and functional porcelain pottery in a variety of sizes and shapes.

 Each piece is sealed with a food, dishwasher, and microwave-safe clear glaze. 

How is your artwork unique? *
I've spent a lot of time sketching wildflowers out in the field to develop unique designs. Also, I employ three different surface decoration techniques in this line of work: a watercolor wash as the first layer, a colorful hand painted subject, and finally a black slip-trailed line to define the edges of the subject. Lastly, I attempt to make some work that can be both functional and a piece of art in the home, and things that are not just everyday objects: wall-hanging platters, lots of "sets" - tea-sets, bowl sets etc., and double-walled carved through cups. I try to make exquisitely crafted objects that will surprise and delight people.

Sadie Winter Studios - procelain, functional, porcelain potters with Wyoming's Wildflowers handpainted on them.