Collection: Allison Pluda: Photography

Fine Art Nature Photography

Seneca Creek Studios’ owner and artist, Allison Pluda, is an award-winning fine art nature, portrait, and commercial photographer who offers the highest quality prints with a uniquely professional and personal touch. Her artwork is part of private collections worldwide and has been displayed in a variety of fine art galleries, juried art shows, silent auctions, and solo and group exhibitions. You can find many of her photographs published in magazines, calendars, books, newspapers and other mediums nationwide as well. She is best known for her Wyoming landscape photography, classic Western vistas, and starscapes on her signature fine art metal prints.

 Allison started Seneca Creek Studios in 2007 and brings over a decade of her professional experiences to life with her natural, vibrant, genuine, and adventurous style. She eventually gave up her corporate career to follow her dreams and became a professional artist and small business owner. She hasn’t looked back since and truly puts her heart and soul into every photograph, project, and client she works with. She now runs her online fine art gallery, portrait photography business, and visual marketing and design studio full-time.


Artist Statement

Allured by Wyoming’s big mountains and dark skies, I strive to bring my experiences to life using the medium of fine art photography, specifically, exploring new printing techniques that are able to accurately communicate the same colors I saw in person. My work uses minimal computer editing, since personally I would much rather be outside than inside behind a screen, and most all of my photographs are processed using traditional digital darkroom techniques using Adobe Lightroom alone. Whether I am on a hike outdoors or photographing a woman in the studio, my goal is to help you, the viewer, reconnect with the same natural and genuine beauty that I see in both nature and people alike. I strive to create the best quality archival fine art prints and products that remind me to take a moment to celebrate and enjoy the beauty in life. I try to bring the same passion I feel when gazing at the stars to every fine art print, portrait session, or design project.

My goal is that my work solicits emotions of awe, beauty, and authenticity.