Collection: Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter

Bio - Laura Hunter is a full-time jeweler and metalsmith who lives in Casper, Wyoming.
She shows her work in stores across the United States and online. Her jewelry career started when she opened her own jewelry business in 2011.
She taught herself the craft, taking some metalsmithing classes through Casper College, and traveling to specialty classes around the U.S.
She teaches jewelry classes locally in Casper and loves watching the look on people’s faces when they realize they can make something with their own hands.

Statement -For over a decade, I have been transforming everyday materials into captivating works of art that evoke the beauty and complexity found in nature.
From recreating mossy marshes with my Mire Collection to imitating a star-filled night sky from my Galaxy collection, these intricate pieces demonstrate just how powerful imagination can be when paying homage to our natural world.
In my most recent collection, I took a bold step outside of my comfort zone by trying to capture a feeling, instead of a scene. This journey has opened my eyes to the power of internal validation, allowing me to discover and explore potential within.