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Carol Westbrook: Landscape Photography

Carol Westbrook - Photography Landscapes

Carol Westbrook, Casper, Wyoming

Carol Westbrook is a wildlife and scenic photographer, with many of her photographs of the Grand Tetons and the Snowy Range Mountain in Wyoming as well as Yellowstone National Park.

I was born and raised in Wyoming to a very artistic family, and one that liked to be off the beaten path.  As a teenager I did lots of backpacking into remote areas of Wyoming, Colorado and Montana.  I wanted to share the incredible beauty I was fortunate to have witnessed.  My Dad gave all four siblings 35 mm cameras when I was in high school and since I cannot paint or draw (trust me, I have tried) the only medium I was able to express myself in was photography. 

I enjoy exploring and have been fortunate enough to have often been in the right place at the right time.  I enjoy being out in the wild and as an early bird have found that early morning and either during or after storms produce some of the best photographs. 

I have also dabbled in stained glass - all three mediums (copper foil, mosaic, and lead), which feeds the perfectionist in me.  I also love to quilt and tend to lean toward the bold palettes in that medium.   I learned to knit from my paternal grandmother and still enjoy knitting while listening to the news at night.  Lately I have dabbled in lapidary and hope to breathe life into that output as well.  But photography has always been my favorite.