Collection: Moss Kent: Oil Artist

Oil Painting Artist of Wyoming's landscapes, watersheds and mountains!

Artist Statement:

Moss is amazed on a daily basis with the processes of applying paint to a blank canvas and at some point seeing something beautiful, inspiring, or exciting pop out.  Catching the light of the world is his goal.  Beauty will follow.

Window Dressing Video: 


How is your artwork unique? *
Well, an obvious answer is that they are all done by me! My art is impressionistic realism in oils of a wide range of subjects from landscapes to still life to portraiture to animals, etc. My paintings have depth, color, and capture the light.


Artist Biography

Moss was born and raised in Texas, and now lives in Wyoming with his wife Karen and sons.

Moss was exposed to the art world at a very young age.  His sister, Lyn Kent Jones, was the first in the family to follow a career in art.  Definite influences by the wonderful Russell family of artists in Pecos, a small town in romantic West Texas, created a spark in Moss which followed him through worldly careers to the point where the artistic pull could no longer be denied.  In fact, Moss' budding artist son, also Moss, provided a stimulus for the elder artist to "get serious" about art.

Along with art instruction at an early age with Marion Russell, Moss has participated in various art courses in college; he has been inspired by artists such as John Singer Sargent, Jules Bastien Lepage, and Joaquin Sorolla.  More contemporary artists Moss enjoys are Daniel E. Greene, Richard Schmid, Scott Burdick, and he has studied under Daniel F. Gerhartz, Kathleen Dunphy, and Stacey Peterson.

Fire and Snow Video:

Wyoming Native (Pronghorn)