Collection: Ryan Lewis

Bio - Hi, I’m Ryan Lewis, a former firefighter, electrician and blacksmith who makes custom knives sheaths, holsters, and weight kits. I started my blacksmithing career back in 2004 from my garage in Elk Mountain, WY.
Throughout the years I taught myself the trade and became obsessed with perfecting my craft and learning new skills. Overtime, my skill and passion for knife making has transformed into a business, Forged True Smithing LLC.
In 2016, I was invited on the History Channel show Forged in Fire, where I learned some valuable skills from master craftsmen and made lifelong friends.

Statement -The blacksmith artist has several unique forging techniques that are specific to the craft of blacksmithing and created by each individual blacksmith. Steel and iron give an array of colors and textures, to work with such as the beautiful Damascus patterns.
My work highlights these many techniques through composition of custom designs and execution of challenging projects. The resulting effect expresses my artistic ability, function of the blade and integrity to my name and product.