Collection: Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis

Bio - Taylor is originally from Dallas, Texas, where she grew up working in various art forms.
For college, she went to the University of Wyoming, where she studied Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management with the Haub School. Here she learned how to think critically about the world around her and take her understanding of nature beyond aesthetics.
During college, she started working in polymer clay and by the time she graduated, she had developed a skill set where she merged the medium with her love for the natural world.

Statement -Taylor creates polymer clay jewelry that is a celebration of nature's wonders, where each piece embodies the joy and beauty found in the world.
Drawing inspiration from her background in ecology, she sculpts flowers and greenery, capturing the intricacies of the natural world. Sunflowers, with their radiant colors and diverse species, hold a special place in her heart, inspiring many of her designs.
Guided by intuition, she plays with custom colors to create a range of collections that evoke a sense of individuality. Her work is a reflection of her deep connection to nature, where every detail is a testament to her love for the environment.
Through her jewelry, she aims to spread joy and appreciation for the small wonders that surround us, inviting others to experience the magic of the natural world.