Collection: Photography

Many memories are made here in Wyoming.

Memories of years spent at the university, growing up on a ranch, working in the coal mines, working in one of the many very small towns, 30 or more miles to the next town, or visiting one of our parks.

The photography of our Artists brings back the size of the thunderheads, the countless stars in the sky, wildlife, mountains, lakes and streams in their work.

Susan Davis - Eastern Wyoming Landscape Photography

Lisa Edwards - Western Wyoming Grand Tetons National Park and Wildlife Photography

Kathleen Milks - Vedauwoo, Wildlife and Mountain Photography

Ashleigh Monaco - Western Wyoming and the Grand Tetons National Park and Wildlife Photography

Kimberley Pezeshki - Wyoming Wildlife Photography in Black and White

Allison Pluda - Night Skies and Wyoming Wildlife Photography

Jason Sondgeroth - Wyoming Wildlife Photography

Kyle Spradley - Wyoming Mountains and Wyoming Wildlife Photography

Rowena Trapp - Wyoming Petroglyphs and Historic Cabins and Barns Photography

Carol Westbrook - Central And Eastern Wyoming Wildlife Photography

Elizabeth Wood - Wyoming Landscapes, Skies and Wildlife Photography