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KJS-305 Kyle Spradley

Wyoming: A Photographic Journey Book

Wyoming: A Photographic Journey Book

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Wyoming: A Photographic Journey Book

Photographer: Kyle Spradley

Soft Cover Book

Photographs from around the State of Wyoming

Take a journey through Wyoming with this beautiful photography book

Learn about the State with the text that goes with each photo

Book is 9" long x 8" high x 1/4" wide

80 pages

Visit Wyoming for an amazing tour of stunning wilderness, historic sites, and western culture.

Wyoming: A Photographic Journey is brimming with  photographs of big skies, rugged mountains, and natural wonders from America's first national park.

Wyoming photographer Kyle Spradley accompanies 112  full-color images with informative text.

Tour Wyoming,  in Wind River Range panoramas, wildlife portraits, the grandeur of the Grand Tetons, The iconic Snowy Range Mountains, along with the Sierra Madre Range and more! Enjoy this full color book of memories of your Wyoming Visit.

Please note photographs and text are by the artist



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