Collection: Stuart Webster: Ulu and Cheese Boards

Hardwood: used in the following: Ash, Cherry, Maple, Oak,  Walnut

Oven squirrels

oven squirrel, squirrels hardwood variety


Ulu board and knives

Cheese boards

From upcycled 2 x 4's:  Decorative and fun reindeer decorations


Artist Statement:

 Following retirement as a Professor of Accounting at UW, I found myself spending
increasing hours in my wood shop. My initial projects took many hours learning
what to do, as well, as what not to do. As time went on, I became more interested in
more complex projects that I gifted to family and friends.

multi wood canoe

Some of those folks wondered why I was not trying to sell the results of my efforts. The simple answer is, “that is where I am today”, with this application to show my work at Works of Wyoming.