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SKW-324 Stuart Webster

Wooden " Oven Squirrel " Kitchen Helper

Wooden " Oven Squirrel " Kitchen Helper

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Wooden " Oven Squirrel " Kitchen Helper

Woodworking Artist: Stuart Webster

Have you ever burned your hand or arm trying to pull out an oven rack?

The Oven Squirrel is the answer to prevent that in the future

Grasp the squirrel by the tail, flip it over (head down), and pull the rack out using the notch behind the ears

To push the rack back in, just grasp the tail again, hold the squirrel upright, and push the rack using the notch between the front leg and chin

These handy items can be purchased in Cherry, Maple, Walnut or Oak wood

The wood has been treated with a coat of food safe oil and you should periodically re-treat with a food safe oil

11 1/4" long x 3" high x 1/2" wide

Please note items are handmade and there will be a slight variation between each piece

Price is for one Oven Squirrel

 A Novelty Gift that is functional along with fun!



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