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RJG-330 Ryan Goeken

" Tufted Evening Primrose " Print

" Tufted Evening Primrose " Print

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" Tufted Evening Primrose " Print

Artist: Ryan Goeken

Print of an Original watercolor painting

5" long x 7" high Giclee print

Inside a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing for added protection

Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the artist, attached to the back

Ready for a frame

From the artist:

The tufted evening primrose (also called the gumbo lily) grows in poor “gumbo” type soils, which usually have heavy clay or impermeable layers. To grow in such poor soils, these flowers send a thick taproot deep into the soil. This flower is also unusual in that it blooms during the evening, stays open overnight (during which it is pollinated by night-flying insects), and closes again during the day. A good time and place to find this flower is early to mid-summer in open areas near the Blair-Wallis picnic area, about 15 miles southeast of Laramie


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