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MF-270 Mary Fichtner

" The Jingle Horse " Children's Book

" The Jingle Horse " Children's Book

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" The Jingle Horse " Children's Book

Book #12 in the Rusty's Reading Remuda series

Author : Mary Fichtner with Illustrations by Roz Fichtner

Children's book

9" Wide x 9" Tall

Hardcover book

What is a Jingle Horse? A horse that is kept in through the night to ride out in the early morning and round up the other horses. This is an important job for a special horse. One who is okay with being by himself, knowing he has a job to do.  After he has his hay, he heads out to gather the working herd (or remuda). They wear bells around their necks so the cowboy can follow the jingle to find them.

As you help the Jingle horse gather the herd you will notice how different each horse is; with their unique strengths, they make the remuda stronger. One or two horses will remind you of you and how important your gifts are!

Great for the Cowgirl and Cowboy in all of us

Signed by the author

Please note, this book is written and illustrated by the Artists



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