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MF-270 Mary Fichtner

" Rusty and The River " Children's Book

" Rusty and The River " Children's Book

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" Rusty and The River " Children's Book

Book #5 from Rusty's Reading Remuda Series

Author : Mary Fichtner with Illustrations by Roz Fichtner

Children's book

9" Wide x 9" Tall

Hardcover book

Based on the real life horse, Rusty, who was born near the mountains of Laramie Wyoming

Rivers are one of God's greatest designs. The sounds of the river are calming as it offers a magical place to relax. The many animals and plants the river provides water for make it one of the best resources in the west and in landscapes all across the world. 

Enjoy some time with Rusty at the river and learn why you should seek out a river near your!

Great for the Cowgirl and Cowboy in all of us

Learn about the inspiration behind the Rusty, book series

Signed by the author

Please note, this book is written and illustrated by the Artists




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