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EVA-327 Erin Abraham

" Pole Mountain Sunset " Handwoven Tapestry

" Pole Mountain Sunset " Handwoven Tapestry

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" Pole Mountain Sunset " Handwoven Tapestry

Artist: Erin Abraham

Handwoven Tapestry

12" long x 23" high

Handwoven mixed fiber tapestry, inspired by the Pole Mountain area in Wyomings Medicine Bow National Forest

Created on a wooden tapestry loom, this tapestry incorporates a variety of materials including silk, cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers

Like all of my tapestries, it is energy neutral and no-waste

The looms, carders, and drop spindles I use in making the tapestries and fibers are all made of wood and are hand powered

The fibers I use in these tapestries are also sourced responsibly, from thrifted skeins and remnants, to deconstructed fibers from damaged textiles, to my own unique, hand-spun fibers made from the remnants let over after each work is complete

Attached to a piece of drift wood that was found while out walking along the river for hanging

One-of-a-kind Decorative Tapestry and will never be duplicated



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