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WS-107 Wanda Sanders

Old Faithful Geyser Plein Air Watercolor #1

Old Faithful Geyser Plein Air Watercolor #1

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Old Faithful Geyser Plein Air Watercolor

Artist: Wanda Sanders

Plein Air Watercolor

6" x 9"

Attached to the back is a photo of Wanda painting and a Monk watched her from behind

Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

From the artist:

“Old Faithful plein air.”   For several summers I was blessed to be able to work in Yellowstone National Park.  The first time was with the Youth Conservation Core (YCC) doing backcountry trail maintenance.  We would be divided up into crews of about 15 kids and backpack into the far reaches of Yellowstone for about two weeks at a time.  I remember when we would get back to “civilization” it was such a joy to have a shower and go into Canyon Village for an ice cream!   It doesn't matter how many times I’ve been back to the park since then, I’m still in awe of its natural wonders and endless beauty.  This original painting was done recently from my seat on the boardwalk at Old Faithful

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