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EVA-327 Erin Abraham

" Myrkviðr 3 Tapestry " Handwoven Tapestry

" Myrkviðr 3 Tapestry " Handwoven Tapestry

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" Myrkvidr #3 Tapestry " Handwoven Tapestry

Artist: Erin Abraham

Handwoven Tapestry

7" long x 13" high

Myrkviðr is an Old Norse term for a dark forest. Ancient descriptions of these mysterious places bring to mind the deep, vernal richness and mystery of the Snowy Range Mountains during the Spring months, the time when the bears emerge from their winter slumbers and the Equinox approaches.

This tapestry is the third in a series of four handwoven tapestries inspired by the sense of wonder, mystery, and potential found in this environment. The tones and organic shapes in these works evoke the interplay of shadow and light deep within the forests, where the ancient and new coexist.

This work, like all of my tapestries, is energy neutral and no-waste. The looms, carders, and drop spindles I use in making the tapestries and fibers are all made of wood and are hand powered. The fibers I use in these tapestries are also sourced responsible, from thrifted skeins and remnants, to deconstructed fibers from damaged textiles, to my own unique, hand-spun fibers made from the remnants let over after each work is complete.

One-of-a-kind Decorative Tapesty

and will never be duplicated


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