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KSM-304 Kathleen Milks

Moose And Shadow Canvas Wrap Print

Moose And Shadow Canvas Wrap Print

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Moose And Shadow Canvas Wrap Print

Artist: Kathleen Milks

Bright color canvas wrap print

Bull Moose with shadows

Taken from highway 130 in Wyoming

Off the Snowy Range road Scenic byway

14" long x 11" high x 1 1/2" wide

Sawtooth hanger

Please note the photograph was taken by the artist

From the artist:

They stop traffic, and when I first was watching this bull and 3 of his friends, they quickly caused a traffic jam off of HWY 130 in the Snowies. After a bit everyone else left and the moose headed into the trees. I wondered if they would pop back out further up the road, so I drove up a bit and waited. After a bit I started to see them again and I thought this one was going to walk right up to my truck




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