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BJB-258 Bill Becker

LeMonde Hand Tooled Leather Handbag

LeMonde Hand Tooled Leather Handbag

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LeMonde Hand Tooled Leather Handbag

Artist: Bill Becker    Snowy Range Leather

Hand tooled leather handbag

Horse head with Wyoming wildflowers and greenery. Flowers and leaves are dyed to add a pop of color to the front flap of the handbag

Back of the bag has been stamped with a large diamond pattern

Running Horse and fence line are tooled into both sides of the bag

One large pocket for wallets and other larger items with two small leather pockets stitched to the front of the larger pocket.  Leather flap covers all pockets

Stainless steel hardware clasp to hold contents secure

Leather adjustable shoulder strap with stainless steel hardware clips to attach to stainless steel D-Rings attached to the side of the purse

4 small stainless steel peg " feet " to protect the bottom of the purse from wear and tear

12" long x 4" wide x 9" high

A one-of-a-kind piece that can become a family heirloom

Please note item is hand made by the artist and there might be a slight variation between each piece



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