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" Indian Paintbrush " Photo Card

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" Indian Paintbrush " Photo Card

Photographer: Allison Pluda, Seneca Creek Studios

This photo art greeting card from Allison Pluda of Seneca Creek Studios features the red Indian paintbrush wildflowers and lush green sagebrush scrub that are iconic to the Rocky Mountains and Western landscape

These blank note cards are perfect for any occasion and make beautiful everyday stationery

This beautiful bunch is from the high plains of Wyoming on the open prairie and bloomed after a few days of spring rain

The Indian Paintbrush was designated the official state flower of Wyoming in 1970

It is found on rocky slopes in the high desert, arid plains, open grasslands, and forest clearings across the West

The Indian paintbrush is also sometimes called prairie fire

This unique flower is a hemi-parasite or a root parasite which means it puts it's tubes or 'haustoria' into the roots of a host plant to survive. This is why they are so frequently found together with sagebrush since they need another host plant in order to live.

- Specialty line of 5”x7” folded photo art greeting cards
- Blank inside
- White envelope included
- Professionally printed and hand packaged in our studio
- UV and gloss coated for protection
- Made in the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming, USA

Please note, each photograph is taken by the Artist