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JLB-319 Joan Batchelder

" Holiday Collection " Boxed Set of 12 Cards

" Holiday Collection " Boxed Set of 12 Cards

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" Holiday Collection " Boxed Set of 12 Cards

Watercolor Artist: Joan Batchelder   Cottage Garden Studios

Designs are from original watercolor paintings by the artist

Each boxed set collection contains twelve blank notecards (size A1)

Two cards each of the six designs in the collection

4 7/8" long x 3 1/3" high

12 blank cards printed on 100# Royal Sundance felt Cover Ultra White paper

12 Stardream metallic envelopes with square flaps included

Title of the design, and artist's website, are printed on the back of each card

From the artist:

This is my most recent collection.  I painted these designs a couple of years ago after we moved from Vermont back to Wyoming. I have a soft spot for whimsical drawings and paintings

My first design was "Moose on Holiday". If you have never visited Jackson Hole, Wyoming, then you would not realize how very common moose are in this area. The office in which I used to work was surrounded by condos along with a few office buildings. One day, a bull moose came up on our porch and was peering into our windows. One of my co-workers took a photograph of him. That is the very photograph that I used as a model for my "Moose on Holiday" design

Many years ago, we lived on the coast of Maine in Blue Hill. I gathered all of these mussel shells out of which I used to make wreaths. This particular wreath I had given to my mother for Christmas. After she died, I brought it home and really wanted to honor her and her love for the Holidays by painting a deign of her wreath

A very common bird in this area (Jackson, Wyoming) is the Magpie. They are so common and so aggressive that many people don't like them. I find them to be very funny birds especially when they waddle on the snow. Also, their coloring is beautiful. Their long tails are a combination of blues and greens and their wings are a brighter blue. So, "Jingle Bell Magpie" was born. Then I thought that Santa should have a pet Magpie and I created "Santa's Magpie"

In our backyard is a large rock wall. Shortly after we bought this property, we realized that one or two families of chipmunks were living in it. Over the past three years, they have continued to multiply and they run all over the rock wall until it is time to sleep through the winter. Chipmunks are one of my favorite woodland creatures, thus "Chippy's Candy Cane"

The Seagull always fascinated me as a child because when we would picnic on the rocks at the ocean the seagulls would eat right out of our hands. It made a huge impression on me at a very young age

I couldn't resist painting a Seagull with a wreath around its neck for the Holidays!


Please note cards are printed from original artwork, and there may be a slight variation from piece to piece



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