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ER-197 Erika Rogers

Hitched Horsehair Cuff Bracelet

Hitched Horsehair Cuff Bracelet

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Hitched Horsehair Cuff Bracelet

Artist: Erika Rogers

Hitched Horsehair in a spiral pattern

Half hitched horsehair knots cover the ends of the piece

Brown, white, gray and teal horsehair

Stainless Steel cuff insert allows for slight adjustment

1/2" wide

Comfortably fits a 6"-7 1/2" wrist

Hitching is more intricate and even more time-consuming than braiding and that is reflected in the prices for hitched pieces. Hitching is a counting system, so patterns are first worked out on graph paper, with background and borders also figured in

Hitching is done by making a series of half-hitches over a string on a core. Depending on the piece, the core remains, or the hitching is taken off the core and placed in a press to be flattened

Hitched pieces can be personalized with names, initials, dates and brands

From the artist:

I make most of my pieces from the tail hair from my own horses. I dye white hair to get the color (unless the unicorns donate some of their hair when they pass through my area).

I also enjoy making personal mementos for people who have sent me hair from one of their own horses.

Please note, these are hand crafted items by the artist, with a slight variation between each piece


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