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LAD-329 Lester Dumm

Hand Crafted Wooden Butter Mold Box

Hand Crafted Wooden Butter Mold Box

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Wooden Butter Mold Box

Artist: Lester Dumm

19th Century replica butter mold

6" long x 4" wide x 6" high

Cedar wood top with a dove tail pine box

Pine push paddle for removing the butter block

Functional art - Can be used to form butter into blocks

From the artist:

Butter molds were found in the every day kitchens of the 19th century. I made this reproduction from a picture I took of an original in an antique store. I made the top of cedar, and the bottom of pine. The push paddle was used to push the butter out of the mold, and it is also made of pine. This butter mold may and can be used as it was intended or it would make a great decoration in an old fashioned style kitchen.




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