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" Emma's Wyoming Wildflower Bouquet " Print

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" Emma's Wyoming Wildflower Bouquet " Print

Artist: Ryan Goeken

Print of an Original watercolor painting

Choose From:

8" long x 10" high Giclee print

5" long x 7" high Giclee print

Inside a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing for added protection

Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the artist, attached to the back

Ready for a frame

From the artist:

I originally painted this bouquet of Wyoming wildflowers for my 5-year-old daughter as she graduated preschool. I think it’s fun, colorful, and beautiful, just like her. This bouquet includes 8 wildflowers from a variety of ecosystems and elevations throughout southern Wyoming - Wood’s wild rose, tansyleaf tansyaster, American bistort, heartleaf arnica, Parry’s primrose, bluebell bellflower (common harebell), Jacob’s ladder, and Gunnison’s mariposa lily (sego lily).