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RJG-330 Ryan Goeken

" Elephanthead Lousewort " Print

" Elephanthead Lousewort " Print

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" Elephanthead Lousewort " Print

Artist: Ryan Goeken

Print of an Original watercolor painting

5" long x 7" high Giclee print

Inside a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing for added protection

Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the artist, attached to the back

Ready for a frame

From the artist:

One of the strangest-looking flowers in southeastern Wyoming is the elephanthead lousewort (or just elephanthead). This flower can be found growing during the summer in wet areas of the Snowies, many times near marsh marigolds. And it gets stranger still – the elephanthead is partially parasitic, projecting haustoria (a slender root projection) that penetrate the root tissues of its host, absorbing nutrients from it.  


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