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CMP-334 Claire Pearson

" Dreamscape " Saori Styled Handwoven Shawl

" Dreamscape " Saori Styled Handwoven Shawl

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"Dreamscape" Saori Styled Handwoven Shawl

Artist: Claire Pearson

Each shawl is handwoven on a rigid heddle loom using a Saori-inspired method.

Each shawl uses a combination of locally sourced and indie-dyed fibers to create truly one of a kind pieces.

These oversized shawls are woven in a Saori-inspired fashion, a freeform weaving style that emphasizes play, exploration, and embracing the differences between industrial weaving and fabric that is created by human touch.

Both functional accessories and one of a kind art pieces, these oversized shawls are sure to keep you cozy and spark a conversation.

Make this the Hero Piece of your winter wardrobe today!

94" long x 13" wide x 0.25" high

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