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GM-280 Ginnie Madsen

" Cold Morning " Matted Original Relief Print

" Cold Morning " Matted Original Relief Print

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" Cold Morning " Matted Original Relief Print

Artist: Ginnie Madsen

Ivory White Mat

A frozen view with a pink sky above the mountains

12" long x 9" high print only

18" long  x 15" high x 1/16" as matted

Ready for a frame

Original Relief print

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Please note, each relief print is custom designed by the Artist , with a slight variation between each relief print

From the Artist:

"These works are creased using a traditional relief block printing method. I carve my design into the block's surface, one block for each color or I may a subtractive method using a single block. Each color is them inked and printed separately to develop the completed image. Each image is printed by hand using a press. Editions often limited to 6-10 copies. My imagery  usually develops from my observations of the laces and things I see."


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