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MLK-292 Marcy Knotwell

Impressive Artisan Resin Wood Charcuterie Cheese Platter

Impressive Artisan Resin Wood Charcuterie Cheese Platter

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Impressive Artisan Resin / Wood Charcuterie Cheese Platter / Juice

Artist: Marcy Knotwell

Blue, white with liquid gold lacing resin designs

Made from stunning maple wood, the natural hardness and unique resin color sets this charcuterie cheese board apart from any other. The artistic tone and delicate highlights brings this original piece of art front and center as a stylish, multi-functional, sustainable serving piece.

There's simply no comparison when you want entertain and function without compromise. When not in use, this makes a beautiful addition to your countertop or gallery wall.

Each board is made from premium hardwood, high quality FDA approved epoxy resin, and is hand finished and oiled by our experienced hands. The routed juice grove, recessed rim and grips make cleaning up and moving the board the easiest part of your meal.

Product Features:
- Maple Hardwood, Resin Art, Rounded Edge Profile and Corners, Juice Grove, Recessed Grips and Rim to keep
food and juices corralled.
- Dimensions: 18 X 12 X.1.25 IN (all measurements are approximate given their handcrafted nature)
- Premium edge grain hardwood selected for durability, beauty, and character
- Tested and state-of-the-art resin formula is scratch and heat-resistant
- 100% food-safe materials are used on all our handcrafted boards
- Handmade in Wyoming by husband & wife team

All materials are food-safe and extremely durable, but you should avoid heavy handling of sharp, serrated utensils. Never soak your board in water, or run through the dishwasher. With a soft cloth and a gentle detergent, clean with warm water. Wipe dry immediately. Condition your board regularly with food-safe wood wax.


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