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RJG-330 Ryan Goeken

" Chokeberry Bush in Fall " Print

" Chokeberry Bush in Fall " Print

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" Chokeberry Bush in Fall " Print

Artist: Ryan Goeken

Print of an Original watercolor painting

5" long x 7" high Giclee print

Inside a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing for added protection

Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the artist, attached to the back

Ready for a frame

From the artist:

There is one single bush in the corner of our backyard – a chokeberry bush that is an endless source of imaginary fun for our kids when the berries arrive in the fall. I have seen them used as hail, imaginary food, currency, and of course, weapons. In the fall, the leaves turn into a fiery gradient of orange and red, brightening up that little corner.



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