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GM-280 Ginnie Madsen

" Autumn " Framed Original Relief Print

" Autumn " Framed Original Relief Print

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" Autumn" Framed Original Relief Print

Artist: Ginnie Madsen

Aspen trees with autumn foliage

This print is  dazzle of orange colors in an imaginative vision of fall among the aspens

It is based lightly on a walk in the woods

6" long x 6" high print matted in white matting

10" long x 10" high framed in a sleek silver colored frame

D-Ring and wire for hanging

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This work was made using a traditional relief block printing method

From the artist:

I carve my design into the block’s surface, one block for each color.  The block is inked and each color is printed separately to develop the complete image

This is based on a winter view of the Snowy Mountain Range west of Laramie.  I simplified both the graphics and the choices of ink colors



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