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LAD-329 Lester Dumm

6 Piece Cedar Wood Hand Crafted Turkey Call

6 Piece Cedar Wood Hand Crafted Turkey Call

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6 Piece Cedar Wood Hand Crafted Turkey Call

Artist: Lester Dumm

For the hunting enthusiast! Or just for fun!!

Made from cedar wood

A few knots from the wood give the lid a fun look

Functional turkey call with artistic beauty as well

Handmade by the artist

9" long x 1 3/4" high x 1.75" wide

Simple instructions are included with the call

From the artist:

The Box Turkey Call came into being at the turn of the last century. It is believed that it was conceived in the Appellation Mountain. Box calls are made from wood that is medium in hard/softness. The harder the wood, the higher the sound. The turkey box call is basically a real simple musical instrument. It sounds like a hen or gobbler when the lid is rubbed on the sides of the box and gives all sorts of different sounds that a hen turkey uses in attracting gobblers, or a gobbler uses when strutting. I became interested in making these calls after ordering a kit from a professional turkey hunter and was hooked on making the squelching, clucking, whistling, and gobbling sounds. Box turkey calls come in two basic styles: two-piece, box and lid, and 5-piece box and lid. They make sound by rubbing the lid on the edge of the box. This is a very light touch and creates a vibration that makes the turkey talk. I hope you will get hooked also. It's so much fun! My calls range from basic plain calls to custom, beautiful grain characteristics that other wood provides. I include a piece of chalk and simple instructions to get you started.




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