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LAD-329 Lester Dumm

18th Century Style Wooden Candle Lantern

18th Century Style Wooden Candle Lantern

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18th Century Style Wooden Lantern

Artist: Lester Dumm

Wooden lantern not to be used with real candles

Battery powered candle can be purchased separately

Copied from an 18th century style lantern used during the early days of our country

Commonly found in log cabins, frontier camps, and in the common homes of the time

5.5" long x 15" high x 5.5" wide

Glass windows

Eye-bolts with copper wire attached allowing the lantern to be hung from a hook in the home, the tent, or from a tree

Will bring nice ambiance to a home or for those times when the power is out

From the artist:

I am a historical reenactor of the revolutionary war and have been making reproductions of the time period since the late 60's. This lantern will bring back the flavor of those times whether you use it to light your camp, or the living room. Be safe when using real candles and never leave it alone. I find that a battery-operated reproduction candle works very well in creating the ambiance desired.




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