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WoW gallery moves to new building

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On Saturday, downtown Laramie was brimming with excitement. The sound of live jazz music was inviting as the grand opening for the Works of Wyoming’s new location, 211 S. First St., complete with gallery and gift shop. Works of Wyoming is a unique gallery, offering art in a wide range of media. From prints, jewelry, woodwork, crochet and more you can find something for any taste inside. Artwork ranges from modern-contemporary to western, and everything in between.

And this is exactly how the owners want it. Works of Wyoming Coordinator Gayle Wilson said the goal is for the gallery to become a community space.

“We want this to be a place where people come to hang out, drink their coffee or tea and gossip,” Wilson said.

Beginning next month, the Works of Wyoming gallery will begin offering ‘make and take’ craft workshops.

“They [workshops] will be simple projects that anyone can do,” Wilson said.

Workshops will range from jewelry making, do-it-yourself home décor and ornaments around the holidays. Of course, there will be much, much more. Workshops will be priced depending on cost of supplies per each workshop.

Works of Wyoming provides special opportunities for local artists. The gallery is a project of the nonprofit organization Wyoming Women’s Business Center. Executive Director for WWBC, Rosemary Bratton, said that she has always been interested in art. “I have been concerned about other artists who can’t support themselves with their art,” she said. “Artists and craftspeople lead to a strong economy by promoting the economy.”

Bratton said that the Works of Wyoming gallery helps support local artists through a variety of ways, including an online marketplace, workshops, networking opportunities and by offering lower consignment fees to sell their art. “We help artists enhance their visibility within the community,” Wilson said. “The lower fees help them to dip their feet in the water.”

The Works of Wyoming also helps artists through product development. Giving artists advice and helpful hints with their artwork, pieces can go from good to exceptional.

“It’s about taking it one step further,” Wilson said. “I might look at a piece and think if it had one more element, such as adding copper, it would really stand out.”

With a variety of artwork, exciting workshops and an all-around quirky yet relaxed atmosphere, the Works of Wyoming gallery adds a little bit of spice to the delightful charm of downtown Laramie.

Photos: Chelsi Semler